Grindhouse: Not Your Boutique Burger

I have yet to be won over by the boutique burger craze. While I do appreciate the aesthetics of the various restaurants, when I look at a dainty patty that is delicately decorated with a sprig of parsnip, a diced pineapple and a sauce that lacks ketchup or thousand island, I am left with a quizzical expression and the impression that I will more than likely remain hungry after the meal.

You see, when I want a burger. I want it to be killer -- in the sense that it is both unbelievably delicious and challenges the notion of whether or not I will leave with a clogged artery. A thick patty, smothered in cheese, topped with ketchup and captured between a tasty bun.

For these burgers, I recommend a Grindhouse Killer Burgers.

After the suggestion of my colleagues, a group of us headed down to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for lunch at Grindhouse Killer Burgers. With the omnipresent slabs of meat around every corner, the market itself proved to be a carnivores oasis.

Being part of the market, the restaurant is a long bar with stools and a spot to order. Nothing fancy, but that is, again, the appeal. One nice perk though -- They project movies on the wall.

When you get in line to order, you are faced with a myriad of burger options that range from Cowboy to Yankee style.

I kept it simple and ordered via the 1-2-3 method:

Naturally, I went with the Beef.

Single. And though I appreciated the healthier options, I tapped into my Irish roots and order the potato bun.

The traditional fixings -- American cheese, lettuce, tomato and ketchup -- as well as the Grindhouse Burger Sauce to mix it up.

All the burgers are specially made to order, and it may take a few minutes. So, sit back, catch a bit of the flick and reflect on the fact that some things in life are well worth the wait.

I also made my order a killer combo by adding crinkle cut french fries and sweet tea. And, Voilà!

In all its simplicity, the meal -- a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth burger with perfectly seasoned french fries and a sweet tea- is, well, to kill for.

If your not up to traveling down to Edgewood, they opened a new location on Piedmont Rd. Menu options appear to be different via locations.

Major Perks: A mouthwatering burger, classic fries and a great experience
Minor Quirks: Not the healthiest meal so eat in moderation and not an option for fast food seekers


Brookhaven Gets Colorful:Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub

A little math for this next post:

kaleidoscope (a pattern of changing colors & shapes) + bistro (a small, informal restaurant)
= a small, informal restaurant filled with a pattern of changing colors and shapes.

This equation brings you to Brookhaven's newest hot spot, Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub.

Beaming on the corner of Village Place off Dresden, the less-than-1-month-old restaurant combines class and comfort into one local pub. We were greeted by a much welcomed valet on a wintry night and then opened the door, stepping into a jam-packed, golden-colored restaurant. Though it was a week night around 9 p.m., there was a 25-minute wait and not an open seat in sight. Thankfully, the bar is conveniently placed near the entrance and features a good selection of house specials and a vast collection of brews, both domestic and imported. They even carry Genny Cream ale (first time I've seen it in the south).

After we were seated, the menu set before us revealed the true meaning behind the restaurant's name. According to Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub's website,

"the idea is that every time you look into a kaleidoscope, you see something colorful and different. We have chosen to apply that concept to our own menu. We call our cuisine 'global comfort food.'"

After we placed our order, our table became the kaleidoscope that displayed an assortment of this "global comfort food" with Coastal, Asian, "French" and Southern flair.

"Best Crabcake Ever"
Chinese Steamed Buns
“Steak Frites”

The Chinese Steamed Buns were my favorite, and the Shrimp-N-Grits were a close second. Overall, the experience was very pleasant, with a friendly staff who continued to check to ensure everything was okay. There is a nice outdoor patio that I am just waiting to give a spin once the temperatures begin to rise.

Major Perk: Lively, fun atmosphere with a varied menu that assures each guest will be happy
Minor Quirk: As busy as the colorful patterns in a kaleidoscope, not a place for a quick dinner


A little piece of Paris: Douceur de France

It has been a little more than a month since my Parisian trip, and I have been craving the flavor of this city. The appetite for the flavor, an all encompassing word for the sights, sound and taste of Paris, was seemingly insatiable until today.

Well, Atlanta is not exactly Paris. I have not been able to find the Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexandre III Bridge or the Louvre. When I squint my eyes, sitting in traffic on I-75 can appear to mimic the congestion of the Champs-Élysées; however, the 75/85 connector is not nearly as majestic as the Arc de Triomphe.

It is hard to say that the exact sounds exist here in Atlanta. You don’t have your ride-along jazz performers on the Metro, nor are you completely surrounded by one of the most romantic languages. Up until today, I thought it impossible to be once again enchanted by the native dialect. Yet, a strong desire for a macaroon, crêpe and café brought me to a little piece of Parisian heaven.

Near the Marietta Square, nestled in the inconspicuous house on the corner of Glover and Atlanta Street, sits the yellow café and pastry shop Douceur de France. Run by a French couple, I was welcomed with “Bonjour” and to my surprise, surrounded by many French speaking patrons. I ordered at the counter and sat down at a table on the front patio. The owner quickly brought my café and my pistache macaroon that was reminiscent of the delicacies of Ladurée.

Here is a video about this quaint establishment:

While I sat drinking my café and reading my book, the owner and staff ensured that my cup was full and in the true French manner allowed me to revel in the flavor of the shop. I order a scrumptious crêpe with banana and Nutella to savor the experience a little longer.

Douceur de France is a must for those wishing to get a taste of France and for those longing to savor their memories of the city.

Major Perk: Authentic and delicious
Minor Quirk: A bit off the beaten path, but worth it!!!


You Can Find me in the A.... Atlanta That Is

Well, I finally took the advice of a good friend and fellow Blogger, to jump back into the Blogosphere.

I am now residing in Atlanta. Although geographically I have changed, the blog will continue in it's original form more or less. It will still contain random thoughts on products; however, restaurants, nightlife, etc., will focus on the Atlanta area.

Thank you to everyone who kept asking me when I was going to write again! It makes me happy to see that you find something a bit useful about my perks and quirks about things and that you want to "Reid First!"


Mirko Pasta

Athens may have a “little Italy” but you really can’t get any closer to Italian cuisine than Mirko Pasta.

Breaking away from the downtown Athens dining, my friend and I headed over to the East Side to try a new restaurant. Her roommate suggested Mirko Pasta and after we dined there it was “amore.”

You walk in and order right at the counter. This is my favorite dining style, since you don’t feel the pressure to wait for the check at the end of the meal and can leisurely relax after eating. When you place your order you can choose from 16 different types of noodles and match it with one of the eleven sauces.

These aren’t you regular noodles. Not only are they homemade, but these noodles are made fresh everyday. On average, the noodles and sauce cost $8.50. Also, I recommend ordering an “antipasti.”

I ordered the Trecce Verdi with Pollo y Peperoni and my friend got the Lump Crab Meat with the Boscaiola sauce. While mine was good, but after I sample the other, I was secretly wishing I had ordered it. We also split the Caprese, which was delicious.

After you order, you fill up your own drink from the fountain and grab a seat. It’s casual but a little confusing. After we got to our seats with our drinks and silverware, we saw that there were glasses and silverware at the table already. The table was crowded until the waitress- who I might add was very prompt- came and cleared the table.

The portions are generous and between the fresh bread at the table with a garlic spread and you’re actual meal, you are sure to have leftovers.

Major Perks: The choices and food
Minor Quirks: A little confusing for the new timer

Athens Twilight 2008

Spring is finally here and although it may not be football season yet, Athens draws crowds from all over to enjoy the off-season tailgate of year.

Nothing marks the advent of summer and the end of a semester more than Athens Twilight Criterium, commonly called Twilight. Athens downtown is transformed into a Mecca for bikers and spectators. The 29th Annual event was held on April 25-26.

Renowned for the bike races held on the downtown track that runs over Clayton and Washington Street, Twilight offers than just the proclaimed men’s and women’s cycling that occurred Saturday night. Walking down College Ave., there was a stage set up for live bands, a stunt park, a kid’s play area with moonwalks. Also, at anytime of the day you would be sure to see some type of race, be it the kid’s bike race, a 5K or just a race for inebriation between friends.

It seems like everyone- families, students, alumni- comes out to experience Twilight.

See what fellow UGA students, Lee and Cameron have to say about it.

Since Twilight is my one of my favorite events in Athens, here are a few tips for you to enjoy for next year’s festivities to the max:

  1. Be sure to check out the music scene.
  2. Head down to Lumpkin St. by Georgia Theatre to see the turns during the bike races
  3. Don’t walk around with an open container. This is a common misconception. You have to be within sanctioned areas.
  4. Find a friend with a loft overlooking Clayton or Washington Street for the best view of the races.
  5. Take time to watch the stunts over in the stunt park on College Ave.